IMG 2937MF Conseil can be applied to small, middle range, or large boiler room with either steam, hot water, or over-heated water…

We offer our skills to design new installations design or to renovate existing installations modifications.

We engineer boiler rooms which are 100% efficient on LHV by introducing several heat recovery systems to our machines.

We also consider options like biomass boilers and integrate them into our standard installation.

All boiler rooms are studied in synergy with other utilities releasing heat, in order to recycle and valuate it if it is worth it.

As we do it with air conditioning, we can help our customers through the entire engineering process : from pre-requisite work to the realization of the project and its delivery.

  • recup-chaleurMF Conseil can help you to save energy. Over the years, we have developpedstrong skills in heat recovery.

    For example, you could systematically recover around 12% of your natural gas boiler power with no considerable extra cost.

    Recoveried heat can be used to heat buildings, cleaning hot water, etc. As a result, the boiler room could be down-sized (less load on boiler thanks to heat recoverys), as well as the following points :

      • size lowered.
      • investments lowered beside the heat recoveries.
      • energy consumption lowered.
      • more power available for an equivalent boiler room.
      • the customer can talk about the eco-friendly aspect of his investments.
      • Specific ratios kW primary energy / production tonnage

    energie-renouv-anglaisBut the installation must comply with a number of rules of construction in order to function logically and harmoniously and therefore avoid losing the benefits of heat recoverys.

    Moreover, you may want to combine a heat recoveries system with refrigeration or compressed air systems.