We have an important knowledge in several processes and so, we can support you for :
Understanding an existing empirical operating process. Several of our customers have asked and obtained a dissection of their process which were being driven empirically. This way, we get :

  • IMG 0651a sometimes drastically simplified processs
  • with a far more reliable operation
  • getting and energies and primary or secondary fluid savings
  • a possible process evolution to new products impossible to be controlled properly so far
  • a highlight of the best ways for driving the process as efficiently a possible

Utilites interface

process start up assistance thanks to our thermal, thermodynamic, fluids, électricity, electronic, automation skills and our experience in start-up missions from synchronization phases up to final commissioning.

- fine tuning of an installation owing to our skills in the field. In most cases, fine tuning is inefficient due to people’s lack of knowledge. That’s not their job.

- corrections on a process not at all or badly running.

  • dcns1MFC handles a rare and innovative know-how in combined utilities/process designs running jointly when the process requires the utilites part to be enslaved efficiently.

    Thus :

    • no more pumps running all day for nothing
    • no more of boilers in standby (for nothing)
    • no more of icy cold water temperature set points too low without any reason
    • no more of big air compressors running at 25% of load where a small one could be enough at times.

    energie-renouv-anglaisWhich would allow, to high gains in terms of :

    • maintenance,
    • electricity/gas/… consumptions
    • fluids (water, and so on….
    • ratios global usines kWh/ t produit. 

    This know-how relies on :

    • Our skills in the fluid and thermal fields
    • Our knowledge of utilities of any kind
    • Our practical experience in various industrial processes
    • Our skills in automatization of process that is very important and in functional analysis of the automatics