energie-renouv-anglaisWe can gather boiler room’s heat recoveries systems with heat recoveries on refrigeration systems and/or on compressed air systems.
- We study also the potential interest of heat recoveries according to the expected customers pay-backs.
- We offer the possibility of interconnection between heat recoveries storages when the heat generation is not done at the same time the heat consumption.

Most of our customers have been able to modify their process by admitting hot water issued from (free) heat recoveries instead of using cold water post heated by steam.

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The pay-backs can be some dozen or some hundred k€ per year for big installation like in Dairies for example.

Another usage of heat recoveries can be to heat buildings or parts of building which can sometime cancel the heating charges.
Our knowhow allows us to commission properly brand new or modified in order to validate announced performances and check the settings of the installation. This fundamental step (even if looking like anodyne) get recovering the last 10% of efficiency and/or power by doing a fine tuning of the system.


  • fonct circuit frig anglaisFor remembering, the desuperheat of a frigorific gas is the part of cooling between the temperature at the utlet of the compressor and the first particle of liquid appearing. Physically, this phase takes place into the exhaust piping of the compressor and a part of the condenser’s piping.

    This part can be valued for sanitary hot water production, buildings heating or evaporators defrosting.

    In that case, the recoveried power is low (some 5% of the cooling power) but reaches high temperature level.

  • fonct circuit frig anglais
    The condensing phase in a frigorific installation is to step frigorific fluid from gas phase to liquid phase.

    It is possible to valuate this energie which is most of the time wasted outside through the condensers.

    We can mostly pre-heat sanitary water or other cold waters at low level temperatures (35°C maximum). In that case, the power recovered is maximum.

    This phase corresponds to points 3-4 schematic below against

  • econ-energieanglaisballon-recup-anglaisMF Conseil
     handle a specific know-how in heat recoveries per our dozen years’ experience in industry. Per this experience, we can bring out this know-how to value heat ressources today wasted onto your industrial sites.
    We help our customers in improving their heat recoveries new design or their existing installation extension from the beginning of the project’s study to the installation building