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 is also specialized into compressed air diagnosis and engineering.

We are used to realizing sets of which the specific consumption approaches 120 Wh / Nm3 (in the case o the compressors with screw) in spite of the use of several compressors working sets.

IMG 829We usually complete compressed air installations with heat recoveries able to recover up to 90% of the initial electricity consumed by the compressors which is converted into heat release.

Our know-how allows also to commission properly an installation (brand new or existing and modified) in order to validate the performances expected. This commissioning step, even looking anodyne, is fundamental and allow to recover the last 10% of efficiency and/or power by a fine tuning of the system.

  • Breathe all the air we can, that’s free and without any consequence
    for our health !

    getImg anglaisBut this initial free air, gets quite expensive when it is compressed. Basically the compressed air production is expensive due to its bad efficiency (around 10%).

    The losses in compressed air production are mostly due to the compressor by heat dissipation when cooling the lubricating oil and the cooling air or water.

    From almost 90% of the heat released and lost, 85% can be saved to pre-heat water at low or middle range temperature or for direct building heating in air cooling compressors cases. This way, compressors can be efficient.

    Besides the choice of the good compressor technology is essential because depending on to the technico-economic criteria expected, we can :

    • get less than 100 Wh/Nm3 with screw compressors
    • avoid getting oil or oil vapors in the networks
    • get a very steady pressure
    • get some lead/lag without any compressor running unloaded
    We often find out installations consuming up to 3 times energy needed. That’s due to some (multiple) following issues :
    • bad compressor technology chosen
    • bad regulation type chosen
    • bad electrical motor type chosen for the compressor
    • bad lead lag cascade between compressor units
    • bad type of dryers which can absorb up to 20% of the maximum compressed air flow rate
    • bad compressor settings or lead/lag settings able to get 100% overconsumption
    What about your installation status ?
    Some modifications, even on recent units, can be quickly paid back thanks to the basically low efficiency of the compressed air production.

  • sychage-air-comprime
    energie-renouv-anglaisThe good dryer technology choice
    is primordial in order not to often waste up to 20% of the compressed air produced.
    We master this domain as most competitors do not consider it think at all. Some competitors do not know the dryers technologies at all.

    Two kinds of refrigeration dryers exist : One is efficient, the other not at all.

    5 Kinds of adsorption dryers exist. The compressed air consumption can vary from 0 up to 20% of the total air produced by the installation. Good technology choices mean: :
    • an available installation capacity which can be 20% more important
    • an important cost reduction of compressed air production
    • an important investment reduction.